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About Trentcom
About Trentcom

Trentcom APS was incorporated 9 April 2003. Its sole director is Peter Lawton, and all the shares belong to Peter & his wife.

The company currently turns over AU$400,000 a year. All profits since incorporation have been spent on development of Rocket™Pot S1020 & Rocket™Rack

Peter Lawton entered the horticultural industry in 1976 when he converted the dairy farm in Berwick to Advanced tree production. He has been active for 30 years in pursuing fundamental ways to improve the quality of advanced trees. 

Rocket™Pot S1020 is a major step in the process. It recognises that the only way to perfection begins with the germination of a seed. This is particularly true with Eucalypts. Rocket™Pot S1020 is designed specifically to over come the problems in propagating Eucalypts (eucalyptus angophora & corymbia). It will improve calliper & yield elegant root systems. He has found over 30 years that the root system determines the shape of the tree and that this process starts on the day of germination.


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