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  • Rocket™Pot wall panels, bases and "ZipSticks" are delivered in compressed packs that make 25 or 50 pots.
  • Rocket™Pot system is best assembled on a bench top or large table
  • Wrap the panels around the base. Insert the ZipStick from the top. The sequential wedging action (patented) leads to a snug fit of wall and base.
  • Be amazed at the speed of dismantling


  • Use your Rocket™Grip to  lift pots easily
  • Recommended surfaces for Rocket™Pot system include concrete blocks, timber pallets, and weed mat on compacted, elevated lands.
  • Gravel surfaces can be used but some growers prefer not to have the high humidity under the pot that encourages "root bearding"  under the base.
  • Rocket™Pot system is ideal for flood and drain ponds.
  • Tall series Rocket™Pot containers have a plain banded top to permit flood watering at planting. Fill to the brim and allow to the growing  medium to settle.
  • Some growers have found that repeated watering on day one achieves full cusps and best tree stability.


  • Spray emitters can be positioned below the rim to contain over-spray
  • The free draining base allows thorough watering without over-saturation


  • Small trees can be lifted by the Rocket™Grip handle - two in each hand
  • Large trees can be transported in Rocket™Lift


  • In Rocket™Wrap clear plastic bags
  • Clear plastic bags perforated for drainage
    Let your customer see the quality of the roots!
    Evergreen trees prosper in the humid root ball environment

  • In Rocket™Pot containers
  • Great if you can be sure to get your Rocket™Pot containers back clean and safe.

  • Consider finer growing media in the well drained Rocket™Pot system to obtain
    More root differentiation (branching).
    Better match of root ball permeability with clay planting sites.
    Better retention of moisture within the root ball.
    Elimination of root distortion at the "dry zone" boundary that forms in poorly watered and coarse growing media
  • Maintain the in-built 20 mm separation of media from recycling ground water.
  • Increase separation of growing media from sources of infection by way of concrete blocks or pallets.

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