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Rocket ® Pot Containers root-prune trees by guiding root tips to open air. RocketPot's open wall and floor permit high oxygen permeation of the growing medium. Very fine root tips thrive and grow in the moist air in the pore spaces until they reach a cusp. They are guided to open air at the cusp end where they loose apical dominance. Root branching occurs well back within the root ball and several new roots grow to adjoining cusps. The process repeats at an accelerating rate until the growing medium is colonised with fresh new roots. Suddenly, when all of the medium's pore space is filled with roots, root growth slows.

Growth of the head of the tree slows too in equilibrium with its roots system. Plants can be held safely for much longer than other pots. The roots do not spiral and plants look healthy

When the RocketPot is removed and the tree is planted, the abundance of active roots grow outwards and downwards to colonise the new site. The tree grows like a Rocket.


Over 100 Eucalyptus viminalis roots pruned 11 weeks from seeding.


Roots pruning in humid air under the base We recommended ventilation under pots


Trentcom offers to dissect sample root-balls to audit the quality of advanced trees. We are also ready to simulate the growth of any advanced tree in our Rocket®Rack flood and drain system at Berwick, Victoria, Australia.
We recommend this quality assurance procedure be used to ensure that good trees are delivered each time and every time.

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