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The RocketPot ® Tree Growing System - Recommendations

Part 1 - In the tree nursery

  1. Direct sow seed or cuttings to deep air root-pruning pots. Do not prick out.
  2. Use a lower porosity medium.
  3. Reduce pot-up steps to a minimum.
  4. Use a squat-pot profile to match available soil horizons.
  5. Use a cylindrical pot for root growth where it counts.
  6. Provide air space under every pot in the nursery.
  7. Straighten the tree trunk if necessary (species specific).
  8. Grow the tree until roots “lock up”
  9. Hold the tree in its RocketPot ® container to extend its shelf life.
  10. Ship in tree vending bags.

The RocketPot Tree growing System is

A system for professionals

Giving consistently successful trees - each and every time when:

  • Grown by dedicated nurserymen
  • Planted with skill and care
In action

Part 2 - Planting and maintenance

  1. Drain each planting hole to another trench or drain.
  2. Plant to a hole of the same depth as the root ball and at least
    twice the diameter of the root ball.
  3. Avoid teasing the root ball. (Normally)
  4. Backfill with friable soil from the original hole.
  5. Amend backfill in sandy soils, using growing medium.
  6. Flood in.
  7. Mulch as wide as possible (but not the root ball itself).
  8. Stake only when necessary.
    ● For example - Tall trees with high sail area
  9. Water twice per week in the first Spring and Summer
  10. Water once per week in autumn until self-sufficient.

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