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RocketPot Containers

A modular system comprising
RocketPot wall, Air Root-Pruning base & Zipstick Joiner.
Models shown are popular sizes

The latest range of RocketPots provide for easy potting up. There is room for a layer of growing medium in the bottem of the new pot. No need to tease the roots - just place and backfill.

This Specification table can be found on Page 4 of the RocketPot Catalogue


•  Volumes shown are based on measurements from panel top to panel bottom

•  Growing media used in RocketPot may be designed with a lower Air Filled Porosity than media commonly used. Please consult your supplier or consultant.

•  RocketPot is a very flexible modular system. Many other sizes are available. Please ask for details

•  K series RocketPot container panels are made from 1.2 mm thick virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for long life. KA series are 1.0 mm thick and KB are 0.8mm

•  Do not lift 75 litre and greater sizes by the cuspate wall before root lockup. The base may dislodge.

•  Plastic edges can be sharp. Gloves should be worn when handling RocketPot containers.



When potting bare root stock to RocketPot allow at least 50 mm between pruned root ends and the RocketPot wall. Callous growth emerging from thick root tips is often almost parallel to the wall. A 50 mm gap allows the fresh root to straighten and approach the wall at right angles ready to air root-prune and preventing circling

S1020 folded

S1020 is shipped flat.
It is a low cost
one-piece RocketPot


Easy open/close with Zipstick



K series are made from 1.2 mm thick UV resistant HDPE
KA series use 1.0 mm HDPE and are available on special order


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